Quality Local Produce Cooked Fresh to Order.

Our Roots.

The roots of the Crawford Gallery Cafe go back to 1986 when the doors were originally opened by Mrs. Myrtle Allen and her daughter Fern. That Ballymaloe ethos - taking the very best quality food and cooking it simply but beautifully - continues to underscore the cafe in its modern incarnation.

Since then, many Ballymaloe chefs and graduates of Ballymaloe Cookery School, including Rachel Allen, have earned their stripes here. In the early days, food was prepared at Ballymaloe House and transported in a little red van to the city each morning. On one ill-fated occasion, neglecting to firmly  shut the back door of the van, the blissfully unaware driver left a costly food trail all the way to the Crawford!

These days, of course, the menu is all freshly prepared in-house under the expert management of Sinead Doran.


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